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NO Transformer/Driver Needed!
RGB Flat 120V Flexible LED Mult-Color Light Strips

Choose Your Size & Color!
Save Time & Money with NO added Driver / Transformer cost! - Just plug it in!



Video: 120v RGB LED Strip Light Overview:

Video: 120v RGB LIT UP:


Video: Possible Bends for 120v LED Strip Light:


Below RGB image shows what you will receive with EACH Section no matter what size you order:

This RGB 120V strip does NOT come with a Wireless Remote.
You will have to go to the LED Strip Light & push the SINGLE button that is ATTACHED to the Strip to change between the (8) MODES. 
Ready to plug into a 120v Receptacle no Transformer needed!

Push the Attached Single Button Controller (Controller must be INDOORS), to switch between the 8 MODES. 

The 8 MODES are:

1. Combination:
Automatically switches between all of the below Modes & Repeats
2.In Waves:
Fast Waves of Red, Blue & Green
Starts to change, than increases speed of change of colors (Red, Blue & Green) & repeats
4.Slow Glow: C
hanges Slowly between colors. Each color starts dim and increases to full brightness, then changes slowly to next color (Red, Blue & Green) & Repeats
Fast Flash then Chases between all colors (Red, Blue & Green) & Repeats
6. Slow Fade:
Fades to off for one second, then fades back on for 10 Seconds & Repeats. This mode is ONLY for one single color of Cool White (6500K).
Combination of a Fast Twinkle & Flashing between all colors (Red, Blue & Green)
8. Steady:
Solid Color of Cool White (6500K)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item as shown above with the ATTACHED single button controller does NOT lock on to one steady solid color like our 12v RGB. It ONLY does the 8 modes as described above. We do offer a Table Top Special Controller if your looking for more features and or want to be able to lock on to solid colors like Red, Blue, Green, Purple etc. Click here to view this special controller

120v RGB LED Light Strip Features:

Voltage: Exclusive & Patented 120v (Standard Voltage). Simply plug into any 120v Receptacle! It is 120V so it does not require a Transformer!    

Super bright equivalent to 1.10 Watt Brightness (18.75 Lumens) per inch! Ex: 375 Lumens (22W) for a 20" Section, 750 Lumens (44W) for a 40" Section, 1,125 Lumens (66W) for a 60" Section etc.

Power Consumption:
ONLY consumes 7 Watts every 20 Inches!

LED Bulb Spacing: Every 1/2" you will find an SMD5050 LED Bulb! View difference between 5050 & outdated 3528

Beam Spread:
120 Degrees!

3/16" High x 1/2" Wide

Available Sizes:
Starting from a 20 inch section up to a 164 feet, in 20 inch Increments. Click here for Sizes
Flexible: Yes

Cuttable: No. Not Field Cuttable. We cut it for you.

Yes. This is FLAT & Flexible and not Round

Waterproof: Yes IP65 Rated!

Life Rating:
50,000 Hours

Warranty & Terms of sale this item: 5 Years. Shipping is not covered in the warranty as we do not charge for shipping. This item is not returnable and can not be exchanged or cancelled after the order is placed. Please refer to our terms of sale for details.

Construction: Commercial /  Industrial Grade. Built with Integrity! Heatproof & durable construction. Strip is PROTECTED in a Weather Resistant thick & durable Sleeve. It is still flexible for stationary applications only, yet designed to handle the harshest conditions! This Strip is built to last!

Efficiency: Energy-saving, Consistent energy, No strobe, No Ultra Violet/infrared Radiation, Maintenance-Free

Pleasemake sure to uncoil before turning on the strip(s). For non mobile fixed stationary applications.

When Comparing against 12V (Low Voltage):

-No added expense of a Transformer.
-Simply plug in any of our sections into a 120v Receptacle! Since it's 120v (Standard Voltage), it doesn't require a Transformer like the 12v Strips
NO worries about where to place the Transformer
-NO worries about Transformer failure...since there is NO transformer required. Eventually all Transformers will Fail!
-NO Voltage Drop to be concerned with! Voltage Drop is a big concern when using any Low Voltage (12v) product.  It limits the length(s) of your application to usually 16 feet, as light output will diminish after a certain length with 12v or 24v. Our EXCLUSIVE 120V LED strip light can be run up to 164 feet without voltage drop!
-This product can not be cut in ANY position and does not come with double sided tape. You can use double sided tape or our optional accessories (below)

Accessories / Options:


Table Top
RGB 120V Controller



 Please see BELOW to Purchase

Commercial / Industrial Grade.
Built with Integrity!

Strip is PROTECTED in a Weather Resistant THICK & DURABLE Sleeve.
It is still flexible, yet designed to handle the harshest conditions!
Constructed to last!

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Shipping / production schedule for this item:

Orders placed for this item on Mondays will ship from our California warehouse on Wednesday.
Orders placed for this item on Tuesdays will ship from our California warehouse on Monday.
Orders placed for this item on Wednesdays before 1pm (PST) will ship from our California warehouse on Monday.
Orders placed for this item on Wednesdays after 1pm (PST) will ship from our California warehouse on the following Wednesday.

Orders placed for this item on Thursdays, Fridays & Weekends will ship from our California warehouse on Wednesday.


Ships via PRIORITY Mail at NO extra charge!
This product is Cut, Tested, Assembled & Packed in California!

Please see BELOW to Purchase


  • 120v LED LIGHT STRIP Built with Integrity!
  • SIDE VIEW 120v LED Flat Flexible Strip
  • This is how EACH Section(s) will arrive, with a Cord/Plug attached! 
Ready to plug in with NO Transformer needed.  NO matter what size you order!!
  • Image 4
  • Image 5

120V RGB LED Flexible Flat Strip

Please check the shipping/production schedule posted above for this item
Model No.:

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