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BEST quality UL approved, multi-purpose outdoor gooseneck light
Unlimited Commercial Industrial applications!
General Lighting, Signs, Barns, Awnings, Restaurants, Storefronts, Wall lighting, etc






Shown above our "standard" size Arms can be extended up to 2 sizes with our optional extenson rods
More importantly the optional extension rods can be purchased AFTER you receive your fixtures, should you require them!
Ships in 1 to 2 days!!
$99.99 FREE Shipping
Includes Complete Fixture:


  • Arm - Gooseneck (standard size) Arm!
  • Shade - 10" diameter Classic style Shade!
  • Swivel - You can adjust light angle!
  • No Bulb - Standard  E26 base pre-wired socket
  • Socket & Wall Mount Base - pre-wired!
  • Lifetime warranty
  • UL Approved
    Ready to install, all you need is a bulb!
Specs on OPTIONAL Halogen bulb:

    • 120W / 1690 Lumen Output (Only 86W Consumption!)
    • Halogen 38º Beam Spread (Flood)
    • Color: Bright White Halogen
    • Dimmable
    • 1,000 Hour Life expectancy
    • Provides a "directional concentrated to a 38º  light spread",
      for distances ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet from the Bulb.
    • This Bulb is REMOVABLE from fixture: Simply unscrew.

      PRICE for OPTIONAL Halogen bulb at checkout

FREE optional extension rod (black only promo)!

LED 360º bulbs

    • 150W / 1220 Lumen Output (Only 15W Consumption!) Price at checkout
    • 240W / 1939 Lumen Output (Only 24W Consumption!) Price at checkout
    • 360º LED Beam Spread (360º Wide Flood)
    • Colors: (Kelvin) 2700K (Warm White), 4500K (Natural Day Light), 6500K (Cool White)
    • Dimmable - Available in Dimmable and Non Dimmable
    • 100,000 Hour Life expectancy
    • Provides light output in a 360 degree light disbursement form, providing an even & softer illumination. as opposed  to a directional/focused light like a PAR bulb.  For distances ranging from 1 feet to 8 feet from the Bulb with12w to 15w units and 1 feet to 12 feet with 18w, 24w & 30W units.
    • Great for certain sign and awning lighting to general lighting when you want a softer more evenly disbursed light.
    • This LED Bulb is REMOVABLE from the fixture: Simply unscrew. BEWARE of built in LED's. You will have to replace the entire fixture when LED's go bad or if defective. With our fixture you have no such worries!

Specs on OPTIONAL 
LED PAR bulbs:

    • 075W / 0900 Lumen Output (Only 14W Consumption PAR30!) Price at checkout
    • 100W / 1100 Lumen Output (Only 18W Consumption PAR38!) Price at checkout
    • LED PAR Bulbs provide a 40º Beam Spread (Flood)
    • Dimmable
    • 50,000 Hour Life expectancy
    • Colors: (Kelvin) 3000K (Warm White), 5000K (Natural Day Light)
    • Provides a "directional concentrated to a 40º  light spread", for distances ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet from the Bulb. Great when you want a more intense focused light. We suggest a dimmer to be used.
    • DIFFERENCE between PAR30 and PAR38:
      Physical size is the diference: PAR30: 4" High x 3.7" Wide. PAR38: 5.1" High x 4.7" Wide
    • This LED Bulb is REMOVABLE from the fixture: Simply unscrew. BEWARE of built in LED's. You will have to replace the entire fixture when LED's go bad or if defective. With our fixture you have no such worries!

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Guaranteed Lowest Prices & Highest Quality
xLeaves California in 1 to 2 days!



  • Gooseneck outdoor light lighting up awning on shops in an outside mall
  • Manhattan New York:
Gooseneck style light fixture lower Manhattan illumanting a wine shop and restaurant. Notice they are being used to light the wall / facade, the sidewalk, the top of their entry way canopy and as general lighting. The adjustable swivel allows you to use this fixture for many such applications. This is why this is the BEST commercial grade multi-purpose outdoor gooseneck lighting fixture
  • East Village New York. American Classic Gooseneck used to light up this pizza shops sign
  • Florida Cafe
This image sent in by a customer in Florida. Last time we visited this comfortable and relaxing State was at Christmas / New Years Eve 2010 in Orlando Disney. The most spectacular fireworks we have ever seen. The USA has so many wonderful places to visit. You can spend many years traveling our great country.
  • Hoboken New Jersey:
Hoboken is one of the most family friendly towns we have ever visited! Here you can see 3 different businesses on the same corner using our gooseneck light fixtures. Hoboken sits proudly across the water from Manhattan! Great place to live and visit. It is a short and scenic ferry ride from Manhattan. In this image they light the signage AND the entire frontage. Demonstrating how versatile our light fixture is based on the adjustable shade.
  • Orange County California:
Inside a Mall. Used to illuminate the name of the store. Using the white Gooseneck Light Fixture.
  • Philadelphia PA:
Yes folks it is the friendly city. We have visited this city several times & always left smiling. After you view the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross, Historical buildings, Rocky Steps etc, go to Lancaster County and check out the Amish Towns. You will not be disappointed. In this image you can clearly see it is Gooseneck city:). One of which is a Starbucks using the White finish. The most popular color is Black. Next Bronze, Green, White, Pewter, Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • Boston. Green American Classic Fixture seems to be very popular in Massachusetts.
  • New Jersey on Washington street you will find that 90% of the gooseneck light fixtures are from us. In this image you will see them used on a 5 guys burger joint.
  • Los Angeles California:
Restaurant in Southern California has 9 of our Blue Gooseneck exterior Light fixtures. Installed for over 4 months. Notice how they use the fixtures for general lighting for the front of their restaurant as well as lighting the signage. They are also lighting the front wall which highlights the art work and words on the walls advertising their special and unique menu. This is one of the many reasons our fixture is the number one ranked and most popular lighting fixture of choice for the food industry. Spitz chain of restaurants uses our fixtures exclusively all their locations.
  • Pennsylvania:
Talk about history. Pennsylvania truly is a place for any one that wants to learn more about our history. This beautiful brick building has lasted over 100 hundred years and still looks amazing. Oh the good old days. In this image you see our white classic gooseneck lighting up the name of this company.
  • Bronze goose-neck over awning on a candy store
  • The most popular color is Black. Next Bronze, Green, White, Pewter, Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • Note how adjustable our EXCLUSIVE Shade is. Can be used for down lighting OR wall/sign lighting! The ALL IN ONE Gooseneck Outdoor Wall Fixture.

.GooseNeck Adjustable Wall Fixture American Classic Collection

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2 unit(s)

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